Aesthetic surgery, functional surgery, reconstructive surgery

Nose Reconstruction

When we are faced with people who have alterations of the nose, we must analyze and realize the area in which we are, that is, to know if it is an aesthetic or functional surgery. Often our patients require us to solve both areas at the same time. This produces more comprehensive results.

In other cases we can face more complex surgical situations. For example, when people have sequelae in their nose due to previous trauma, burns, tumors, congenital anomalies such as cleft lip and palate, among others. In these situations a totally different approach is required, an equally different process of evaluation and development of surgeries.

**Reconstructive “aesthetic” surgeries**

Within this group we can also include those who have had previous “aesthetic” surgeries, with unsatisfactory or frankly poor results, both in aesthetic and functional terms. We often receive tremendously frustrated patients because previous surgeries have not given the expected results, and sometimes they have been almost catastrophic. This impacts the quality of life and self-esteem of individuals.

These surgeries present even greater challenges than other nose surgeries, so it must be done by highly trained specialists with great experience and dedication to these anomalies. Qualified plastic surgeons are possibly the best doctors to deal with these situations.

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