Diagnosis in Nose Surgery.

When a person has the desire to have plastic surgery of the nose or rhinoplasty, he/she should look for a recognized plastic surgeon, certified, and ideally with great experience in this medical field. That is to say, to be more successful in nose surgery, a specialist must complete several years of continuous practice, with a sufficient number of cases and above all with a constant concern to study, improve and obtain good results.

Another important aspect

For a good diagnosis and projection, consultation is required ...

On the other hand, it should be remembered that, in order to make a good diagnosis of possible alterations of the anatomy and physiology of the nose, i.e. its shape and function, it should be seen in consultation.

The physician must make a complete clinical examination, and evaluate the face of the person integrally. Each potential patient arrives with different alterations, with different discomforts and desires. In many occasions with results of nasal trauma or with poor results of previous surgeries.

3D Simulation

In addition to the above, photographs and 3D reconstruction images with digital simulation are used. These tools contribute to a better study and a better understanding of each patient.


Each patient is different.

Once we add up all the previous steps, and after having explained to the patient the treatment alternatives, their difficulties, the limitations of the treatments, etc., a projection of the approximate cost of the surgery could be made. Many times people want “quotes” by e-mail, or by telephone or by social networks, but this is generally difficult to do this way, since a complete evaluation of each patient’s case is required beforehand.

Super important

For Tranquility!

Do not forget to make sure that your specialist has the necessary credentials, has a good reputation, knows this area in depth and, ideally, belongs to a serious association such as the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery.


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