Rhinoplasty Medellin.

Specialized in Nose Surgery

Our experience allows us to offer optimal, natural and mainly functional results in the field of nose surgery.

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Certified Surgeon

Member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery.


3D Simulation

We Use CRISALIX Technology

The 3D simulation with real images of our patients, allows us not only to show you the projection of the results but also helps us to generate a plan of the procedure to be performed.

Increases surgeon-patient communication


Better results


Increases the patient's confidence


Changing Faces and Increasing Patient’s Safety.

Nose surgery is one of the surgeries we perform the most, obtaining satisfactory results that impact the lives of patients in a significant way. Increasing security and self-esteem.

Surgery Statistics.

It’s not just numbers, it’s the lives we’ve impacted!!

Primary Rhinoplasties


Secondary Rhinoplasties


Nose Reconstruction

Our reward for hard work is the satisfaction of our patients.

Real Testimonials.

During my professional life I have performed over 1000 nose surgeries or rhinoplasties, mostly with very satisfactory results for patients, I have dedicated myself to train myself to offer the best alternatives and advances in the field of plastic surgery and especially in nose surgery.

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