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Painless Rhinoplasty

by Dr Mauricio Pineda

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Rhinoplasty, also known as nose job or nose surgery is one of the most frequent procedures I perform. In my practice and with my team we receive an increasing number of inquiries from patients willing to change different features of their noses. It is worth saying that we perform a good number of rhinoplasties considered difficult, either because of their important congenital alterations, because they are a consequence of trauma, or more commonly, because they are nose surgeries performed on patients that have had prior operations, generally with poor results.

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We can classify this procedure into primary rhinoplasties, which are those that have never had any operation; and secondary rhinoplasties, which are those that have been operated once or more. It’s important to clarify that the more procedures a nose has undergone, the more complex and difficult the situation becomes to obtain good results. There are patients who come to a consultation stating that they have already had a nose job and they are not satisfied, thinking that there is less work required. The truth is another, noses already operated, require a lot more from the surgeon and sometimes it even becomes impossible to achieve good results. Patients always ask if rhinoplasty is a painful surgery, and it actually could imply little to no pain.

Many people find that rhinoplasty, surgery in which different areas such as the septum, nasal tip, nostrils, and dorsum can be modified as needed, tends to be painful. It is frequent to hear people saying that someone they know has had this procedure and was in severe post-surgical pain. In our practice, we offer our patients the best conditions for each surgery, including cosmetic nose surgery, to achieve results with minimal or no pain.

What do we do to minimize the pain?

To ease post-surgical discomfort, first we make sure to operate in clinics with excellent equipment and knowledgeable anesthesiologists who provide appropriate anesthesia during the procedure. We also work with excellent surgical instruments, meaning less trauma during the procedure. Additionally, post-surgical care implies proper analgesic management. Finally, in case of needing plugs, which are not always necessary, they are made of latex. Gauze plugs tend to “stick”, causing pain when removed. Our latex plugs slide very easily and do not stick. And, when we use them, they are generally removed the next day, minimizing respiratory discomfort and making the removal less annoying.

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After this, we can conclude that although nose surgery tends to cause fear, because patients consider it painful, in our practice the majority of people experience a quick and painless recovery, and a large number of our patients mention they presented zero pain.

Never forget that you must consult a qualified expert, and your operation must be performed in recognized clinics that have all the necessary equipment to perform surgeries in optimal conditions. The plastic surgeons of the Colombian society of plastic surgery will offer you greater security.

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